Employment Opportunities

Springfield Water and Sewer Commission occupations are diverse and depending on the position, qualifications range from holding a high school diploma to holding a graduate degree. Some career areas in the water and wastewater professions include: accounting, construction, customer service, engineering, heavy equipment operation, information systems management, laboratory operations, maintenance, meter reading and installation, project management, sewer collection system operations and maintenance, skilled labor, treatment plant operation, water distribution operations and maintenance, and watershed management. Many employees must hold and maintain professional degrees, licenses, certifications, training contact hours, and/or continuing education units in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations, state and federal laws, and Commission policies.

Current Available Positions

How Do I Apply?

To inquire about or apply for open positions, please email or fax your resume to the Commission’s Administrative Manager at: Email: admin.mgr@waterandsewer.org; Fax: (413) 787-6061