Changes to Rules and Regulations for FY 2019

Effective July 1, 2018, the following changes were made to the Commission’s Rules and Regulations:

  • Auxiliary meters are now to be installed at the Owner’s expense (see Section 3.3.4, page 94 of the Rules and Regulations). Meter installation charges are based on the size of the meter and outlined in Section 5.6.23 (page 152) of the Rules and Regulations.
  • Sewer abatements for pool filling (which averaged approximately $20 per request) are no longer granted.
  • Water and sewer rates have been updated for FY 2019. (See Chapter 5, starting on page 145, for the new rates.)

These updates to the Commission’s Rules and Regulations were proposed during the public hearing held at Springfield City Hall on June 5, 2018, and adopted by unanimous vote of the Board of Commissioners at the June 14, 2018 Commission meeting.

If you have any questions about your account, please contact Customer Service at 413-452-1300. If you have questions about the Rules and Regulations, please contact the Communications Manager at 413-452-1302.