Current Projects

South Transmission Main Replacement Project – The Commission has three main transmission pipelines that carry water from the Provin Mountain Storage Tanks to the distribution system that delivers water to customers. The southernmost of these pipelines is being replaced. Click here to read more.

Main Interceptor Rehabilitation and Combined Sewer Outfall Improvements Project – The Main Intercepting Sewer (MIS) is one of the most critical pipes within the sewer collection system, carrying flows for more than 60% of the City of Springfield. Average flows in the MIS exceed 20 million gallons per day. Inspection of the MIS as part of the Wastewater Collection System’s Asset Management and Maintenance Program indicated that the pipe required immediate rehabilitation in order to continue to provide service. Combined Sewer Outfalls at Worthington Street, Phelps Street, and Longhill Street were also identified as in need of repair. Click here to read more.

Infrastructure Improvements 2016 – Parts of the water and sewer infrastructure in the City of Springfield date back to the 1800s. The pipes are aging and in some cases are in need of repair and replacement. The Commission plans to rehabilitate and replace water and sewer infrastructure at multiple locations throughout the City of Springfield in 2016 and 2017. Click here to read more.

Combined Sewer Overflow – Like many older systems, some of Springfield’s collection system is made up of combined sewers. These sewers collect and transport sewage and stormwater together in one pipe. During heavy rains combined sewers may fill up beyond capacity and are designed to overflow to a discharge relief point into a body of water. This is a combined sewer overflow (CSO). The EPA has mandated that these overflows be reduced, and the Commission has been working to reduce CSOs since 2000. Click here to read more.

SCADA Upgrade Project – The Commission is currently updating its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant. The SCADA system automates Treatment Plant operations and assists Plant Operators with monitoring and maintenance of systems. Click here to read more.

Infrastructure Improvements – Water (2017) – A new water main connection will be added to the existing 24-inch transmission main at the intersection of Alden and Hancock Streets at the Six Corners intersection. Approximately 4,100 linear feet of water replacement main – stretching from Hancock Street to approximately 800 feet west of Middlesex Street – will also be installed during the fall of 2017. Click here to see a project map.

Maintenance Programs

Wastewater Collection System Asset Management and Maintenance Program – The Wastewater Collection System Asset Management and Maintenance Program consists of cleaning, mapping, and assessing the condition of sewer pipes and assets within the collection system. Click here to read more.

Flushing and Swabbing – The Commission has a unidirectional flushing and swabbing program to remove buildup in older water main pipes to increase flow for fire protection purposes and to maintain the highest level of water quality. Click here to read more.