Infrastructure Improvements

The reliability of our distribution system – the network of underground pipes that transports water through the City to homes and businesses – is essential in order for residents to have an adequate, uninterrupted and high quality supply of water each and every day. Similarly, the reliability of the collection system – the system which transports wastewater from homes and businesses to the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant to be cleaned and returned to the environment – is essential for public health and environmental protection. Our water distribution and wastewater collection systems are what make up our infrastructure.

Parts of the water and sewer infrastructure in the City of Springfield date back to the 1800s. The pipes are aging and in some cases are in need of repair and replacement. As a result, the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission will be rehabilitating and replacing water and sewer infrastructure at multiple locations throughout the City of Springfield in 2016 and 2017.

This work includes replacing approximately 3,700 feet of sewer main pipe and approximately 7,400 feet of water main pipe, rehabilitation of approximately 6,300 feet of sewer main pipe, and replacement or rehabilitation of approximately 50 manholes at various locations throughout the City of Springfield.

Click on this map to view the locations of planned improvements:

 Infrastructure Improvements 2016 2017 Small

Current Construction:

Mulberry St Pipe Improvement Project – Click here for a traffic map.
Tyler St Pipe Improvement Project – Click here for a traffic map.
Pendleton Ave Pipe Improvement Project – Click here for a traffic map.
Sewer Pipe Improvement Project – Eastern Avenue between Tyler Street and King Street – Click here for a traffic map.
Pipe Improvement Project – Quincy Street from Hancock Street to Eastern Avenue – Click here for a traffic map.

Full list of locations where improvements will be made:

  • Alden Street from Northumberland Street to #672 Alden Street
  • Arcadia Boulevard from Roosevelt Avenue to #332 Arcadia Boulevard
  • Chestnut Street from Prospect Street to #551 Chestnut Street
  • East Columbus Avenue from the I-91 Exit 5 Ramp to Mill Street
  • Eastern Avenue from Granville Street to Monroe Street
  • Fremont Street at Main Street
  • Hancock Street from Clark Street to Hawthorne Street
  • Island Pond Road from Roosevelt Avenue to #404 Island Pond Road
  • Monroe Street from Eastern Avenue to Colton Street
  • Mulberry Street from School Street to #81 Mulberry Street
  • Northumberland Street from Alden Street to #16 Northumberland Street
  • Overlook Drive from Island Pond Road to #17 Overlook Drive
  • Pendleton Avenue from Hancock Street to Eastern Avenue
  • Prospect Street at Prospect Terrace
  • Quincy Street from Stebbins Street to Eastern Avenue
  • Roosevelt Avenue from Carnavon Circle to #664 Roosevelt Avenue
  • Roosevelt Avenue from State Street to Wilbraham Road
  • Tyler Street from Hancock Street to Colton Street
  • Union Street from Oak Street to Orleans Street
  • Union Street from Hancock Street to Eastern Avenue
  • Walnut Street at Hancock Street
  • West Columbus Avenue at the I-91 Exit 3 Ramp
  • Wilcox Street from East Columbus to Main Street

Previous Infrastructure Improvement Projects:

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