Infrastructure Improvements 2014

The reliability of our distribution system – the network of underground pipes that transports water through the City to homes and businesses – is essential in order for residents to have an adequate, uninterrupted and high quality supply of water each and every day. Similarly, the reliability of the collection system – the system which transports wastewater from homes and businesses to the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant to be cleaned and returned to the environment – is essential for public health and environmental protection. Our water distribution and wastewater collection systems are what make up our infrastructure.

Parts of the water and sewer infrastructure in the City of Springfield date back to the 1800s. The pipes are aging and in some cases are in need of repair and replacement. As a result, the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission rehabilitated and replaced water and sewer infrastructure at multiple locations throughout the City of Springfield in 2014 and 2015.

This work included replacing approximately 9,950 feet of sewer main and approximately 9,640 feet of water main, rehabilitating approximately 2,880 feet of sewer main and approximately 35 manholes, and installing approximately 55 manholes.

Click on this map to view the locations of planned improvements:

Infrastructure Improvements 2014 Map

Completed Construction: 

-Andrew Street from #42 Andrew St to #20 Andrew St
-Middlesex Street from Norfolk St to King St/Bristol St
Armory Street from Grant St to Magazine St 
Intersection of Allen Street, Sumner Avenue, Abbott Street, and Harkness Avenue
       -Sumner Avenue from #1173 Sumner Ave to Powell Ave
       -Sumner Avenue from Allen St to Dayton St
       -Chalmers Street from Sumner Ave to #37 Chalmers St
-Allen Street from Roosevelt Ave to Whittum Ave        
-Allen Street from #9 Allen Park Rd to #31 Ramblewood Drive
-Wellington Street sewer extending into Springfield College Campus
-Sumner Avenue from Greenleaf St to Oakland St
-Walnut Street from Charter Ave to #470 Union Street and from Oak Street to Pine Street
-Cross Street from Main St to Willow St.
-Belmont Avenue from Locust Street to Woodside Terrace
-Westminster Street from Bay Street to Saint James Ave
-Saint James Ave from Clarendon Street to Ripley Place
-Ripley Place from #73 Saint James Ave to #18 Ripley Place
-Queen Street from Walnut Street to Hancock Street
-Central Street from Pine Street to Cedar Street
-Norwood Street from Main St to East Columbus Ave.
-Central Street from Maple St to Madison Ave.
-Sherman Street from Bay St to McKnight St
McKnight Street from Sherman St to #41 McKnight St (Bowles Street intersection)