National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant

In February 2019, the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission was awarded a grant for $51,146 from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to purchase analytical equipment to measure nitrogen in wastewater treated at the Springfield  Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (SRWTF) on Bondis Island in Agawam.  The grant was offered through the Long Island Futures Fund Program which supports projects in local communities that aim to protect and restore Long Island Sound.  Effluent from the SRWTF is discharged to the Connecticut River which is tributary to the Long Island Sound.

The equipment funded by the grant is being used to monitor the levels of nitrogen in the wastewater treatment process, guide process control decisions, and to measure the amount of nitrogen removed from the plant effluent prior to its discharge into the Connecticut River.  Sensors are installed at the beginning and end of the biological nutrient removal process feeding real-time data to wastewater treatment operators who can make adjustments in order to maximize the reduction of nitrogen.  Successful results of the program thus far will be used to develop an expansion of the monitoring system.


Nitrogen Monitoring Equipment on Bondi’s Island



A closer look at the nitrogen monitoring equipment