Secondary Meters

Sewer bills are calculated based on water usage. Residential customers who have lawn sprinkler systems or industrial customers who use process water that does not get discharged to the sewer system may be interested in installing a secondary meter. The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission will provide a secondary meter to any customer that receives both water and sewer service from the Commission. As of July 1, 2018, the secondary meter is installed at the customer’s expense.

Customers interested in a secondary meter should first contact the Commission’s Operations Center at 413-310-3501 to learn the requirements. All plumbing work for the meter must be completed by a licensed plumber in accordance with the Commission’s Guidelines and Policies. A Plumbing Permit must be taken out at the Springfield Code Enforcement Office Located at the Department of Public Works at 70 Tapley Street, in Springfield, MA 01109. The plumbing must include installation of a vacuum beaker to prevent backflow. Please be aware that any connection on the water service prior to the primary meter is an illegal connection (“T” setup). All auxiliary pipe connections must be installed on piping after the primary meter.

Once the plumbing work has been completed, the Commission will install the secondary meter at the customer’s expense (see Rules and Regulations Section 3.3.4). The Owner must meet all of the Commission’s requirements for secondary meters before any fee credits will be allowed.

NOTE FOR LUDLOW CUSTOMERS: Ludlow customers served by the Commission who would like to install a secondary meter are responsible for providing the meter. Please contact our Operations Center at 413-310-3501 to discuss the additional requirements.