Current Projects

In order to continue providing reliable, safe water and wastewater service, the Commission is constantly maintaining and upgrading its water infrastructure. Commission infrastructure ranges from treatment plants, to pump stations, to water and sewer mains underneath the streets, among many other types of assets.

The Commission in Your Neighborhood

The Commission upgrades segments of the water and wastewater (sewer) distribution infrastructure each construction season. To view an interactive map of Commission projects and associated traffic impacts in Springfield and Ludlow, please click here or view the map below:

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Maintenance Programs

To maximize the longevity of existing infrastructure, the Commission performs cleaning and regular assessments of its infrastructure. This process enables us to catch problems before they get larger, and to prioritize and budget for replacement and repair work.

Wastewater Collection System Asset Management and Maintenance Program – The Wastewater Collection System Asset Management and Maintenance Program consists of cleaning, mapping, and assessing the condition of sewer pipes and assets within the collection system. Click here to read more.

Flushing and Swabbing – The Commission has a unidirectional flushing and swabbing program to remove buildup in older water main pipes to increase flow for fire protection purposes and to maintain the highest level of water quality. Click here to read more information and for an interactive map of flushing activities.