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Watershed Education Program

A Day at Cobble Mountain

The Water and Sewer Commission hosts over forty 7th grade classrooms per year from Springfield Schools to visit Cobble Mountain Reservoir and the West Parish Filtration Plant. The “A Day at Cobble Mountain” field trip consists of a tour of the watershed with a stop at a watershed stream to collect and view organisms, a tour of the water treatment plant, and a microscope activity in the lobby. The tours are structured around the 7th grade science and technology curriculum and instructors from World is Our Classroom and Commission staff coordinate the program. This successful educational collaborative aims to enhance scientific concepts learned in school while educating students about the drinking water they use. Although the watershed is closed to the public, educational groups will be considered for tours by appointment only. Please contact the Commission at 413-452-1300 for more information or email us at

A Virtual Visit to Cobble Mountain

In February 2021, in partnership with Springfield Public Schools and World is Our Classroom, the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission launched of the “Virtual Visit to Cobble Mountain” program for Springfield seventh graders.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Commission was unable to host Springfield students in Blandford, Granville, and Westfield for an in-depth tour of Cobble Mountain Reservoir and West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant during the 2020-2021 school year. But, despite the pandemic, that learning opportunity will continue through this virtual program.    

Like the in-person visit, the virtual program introduces students to their drinking water system and all the work that goes into producing clean, safe drinking water.

The program features six lessons, each with an accompanying video and hands-on activity.

From their laptop, students will:

  • Visit Cobble Mountain Reservoir
  • Explore the ecology of the pristine Little River Watershed
  • See the water filtration process at West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant
  • Tour the Commission’s certified laboratory where chemists and technicians perform daily water quality tests
  • Learn more about the gravity-fed distribution system and how the treated water makes its way to their home and school
  • Be introduced to the many different jobs and responsibilities of the 250 employees at the Commission, and the variety of career opportunities in the water sector

A feeder stream located in Little River watershed. By participating in the Virtual Visit to Cobble Mountain program students will learn more about the watershed, and the plants, animals, and microorganisms that live there.