Locust Transfer Design and Construction Project

In 2014, the Commission released its comprehensive Integrated Wastewater Plan, which outlined long-term plans and several large-scale projects to address the City’s combined sewer overflows (CSOs), provide necessary infrastructure renewal, and enhance system reliability and redundancy.

As part of the Integrated Wastewater Plan, the Commission adopted a phased CSO abatement plan. The Locust Transfer Structure marks Phase 3 of the CSO abatement plan, and will link the Main Intercepting Sewer in the City’s South End with the new river crossing pipe currently under construction at York Street.

The Locust Transfer Structure will provide operational flexibility with wastewater flow to the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility located across the Connecticut River on Bondi’s Island. This project will reduce CSO discharges into the Connecticut River, in compliance with an EPA Administrative Order.

In FY21 the Commission allocated $1.2 million for the design of the Locust Transfer Structure, with construction slated to begin sometime in FY22 at an estimated cost of $22 million.