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SWSC to Save Millions with Better Bond Rating

An upgrade in its bond ratings by Standard & Poor’s Rating Service will allow SWSC to save millions in debt service. S&P recently upgraded SWSC’s rating from “AA-with stable outlook” to “AA-stable,” which immediately translates into a present value savings of $2.43 million over the next 12 years due to debt refinancing. A recently issued revenue bond for future water and sewer infrastructure projects was also reduced from $24.8 to $21.1 million due to the rating upgrade.

“Our goal was to establish a sound and sustainable financial foundation in order to enable continued investment in our infrastructure while keeping rates affordable and stable,” said Joshua D. Schimmel, executive director of the commission.

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Press Release: FY 2018 Water and Sewer Budget and Rates Approved by Commission

Following a public hearing held on June 6, 2017, the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission met on Thursday, June 22, 2017 to vote on the proposed fiscal year 2018 (FY18) budget, capital improvement program, schedule of rates, fees and charges, and revisions to Commission rules and regulations.

The Commission voted to approve a combined water and sewer rate increase of approximately 4.0% for residential customers. The rate increases will be applied to water and sewer use beginning July 1, 2017, and our customers will see the rate increases beginning with bills issued in August 2017.

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Press Release – Chlorine Taste and Odor

The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission has recently adjusted the disinfection process at West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant. Some consumers may notice a slight chlorine taste or odor in the drinking water as a result. Chlorine levels in Springfield’s drinking water remain well below the maximum limits established by the EPA and MassDEP, and the water is safe to drink.

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We will have personnel surveying and locating manholes in the following areas:

Main St, Chestnut St, Dover St, Dwight St, Knollwood St, Mayfair Av, Croyden St, Lancashire Dr, Jardine St, Narragansett St, Lexington St, Massasoit St, Calhoun St, Brookline Av, Allendale St, Hebron St, Ringold St, Grosvenor St, Church St, John St, Saint George Rd, Magazine Pl, Boylston St, Emery St, Gridiron St, Hampden St, Fort St, Bridge St, Boland Way, Brittany Rd, Holcomb St, Wilshire Rd, Braywood Ci, Westbanks Ct, Baird Trce, S. Branch Pkwy and Warwick St

Customer Advisory:

Please be aware that at this time the only online payment portal for your Springfield Water and Sewer Commission bill is through our web site utilizing the Paymentus online payments website. Any other web based payment sites are privately operated and not affiliated with the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission. Use of online payment services other than the above website may result in a processing fee.