About Us
Board of Commissioners
Three people sitting at a table.

From left to right, Commissioner Matthew Donnellan, Commissioner Vanessa Otero, and Commissioner Daniel Rodriguez.

The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission is an independent, public, and regional utility established pursuant to Chapter 40N of the Massachusetts General Laws.

The governing body of the Commission is a three-member Board of Commissioners responsible for establishing and overseeing the budget, policies, and procedures for efficient water and sewer operations. Board members are appointed by the Mayor of Springfield and approved by the City Council. The current commissioners are Daniel Rodriguez, Vanessa Otero, and Matthew Donnellan.

The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission currently employs approximately 230 individuals. The Executive Director, Joshua D. Schimmel, administers daily operations. The Commission operates separately and independently of the City of Springfield municipal structure, though it often collaborates with the City on various initiatives. The Commission is funded almost entirely through revenue paid by ratepayers, and receives no annual funding from municipal, state, or federal sources.

The Commission’s first priority is protecting public health and safety. This is accomplished through efficient operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems, working with state and federal regulators, networking with water and wastewater associations, investigating and implementing new technologies, and staying informed on emerging issues.

If you wish to contact a Commission representative, please call 413-452-1300 or email info@waterandsewer.org.