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Water Theft

The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission is committed to providing the highest quality water and sewer services at the lowest possible cost to its customers. Persons using these services illegally, such as using unmetered water at their property, not only cost the Commission significant dollars each year, but also impose costs on every other paying customer.

  • Water theft includes drawing water from public fire hydrants, watering tanks, or fountains without prior approval of the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, or using unmetered water at a public or private property.
  • Water theft by property owners is a serious offense and may result in significant fines as well as criminal or civil prosecution by the Commission.
  • Meter tampering is also fine-able offence, or punishable by up to 1 year in prison. More information regarding meter tampering is available on the meter page.
  • Customer assistance in locating illegal connections and water use is appreciated and encouraged.

If you are aware of water theft taking place, or are suspicious that water theft may be occurring, please contact the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission Operations Center at 413-310-3501.