Becoming An Approved Contractor

The Commission maintains a list of approved contractors to perform various types of services:

  • Installation, repair and maintenance:
    • Water mains
    • Hydrants
    • Valves
    • Bypass piping
    • New or replacement water or sewer service
    • Cut offs
    • Manholes
  • Cleaning and jetting of sewer mains
  • Video inspection and analysis of sewer mains
  • Excavation, backfilling, compaction and/or surface restoration

Eligibility Requirements
  • In operation for at least three years
  • Possession of necessary equipment
  • Surety bond made out to “Springfield Water and Sewer Commission”
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance made out to “Springfield Water and Sewer Commission”
  • Non-refundable Application Fee – $250.00
  • References listing customers that have received services to from the List of Qualifications
  • Contractor Permitting Verifications
  • Completion within four weeks
Steps to Become an Approved Contractor
  • Complete the Commission Approved Contractor Application Form
  • Please have your insurance agency contact us at (413) 310-3501 with any questions pertaining to the Surety Bond and Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  • Please submit all documents in PDF format via email to
  • Please submit all hard copies of the Surety Bond and Certificate of Liability to 71 Colton St, Springfield MA 01109
  • Please do not submit application via smart phone or fax
  • Additional information on the application procedure can be found in Section 4.1.9 of the Commission’s Guidelines and Policies.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE:  All companies that become Commission Approved Contractors must also apply with the Engineering Division of Springfield’s Department of Public Works (DPW) to become a Licensed Contractor.  Apply at Springfield DPW, 70 Tapley St, Springfield MA, or call 413-787-6584. This MUST be done before any excavation in the City of Springfield can begin. Failure to apply to the DPW may result in suspension or revocation of Commission Approved Contractor status.

The approved contractor status is in effect for 3 years.

Renewal Process

After 3 years, the Approved Contractor must resubmit an application form to continue as a Commission-Approved Contractor. The application fee for renewal is $100.