Apply for New Commercial or Industrial Water/Sewer Service

This page provides information for new Commercial/Industrial water and/or sewer services. For information on applying for new residential water and/or sewer services, please visit the Apply for New Residential Water/Sewer Service Page.

Please follow the process outlined below to apply for any new Commercial or Industrial water and/or sewer services on-line. The Commission must review and approve the application and required documents prior to construction.

A Customer Service Representative can help facilitate the process. Contact Customer Service at 413-310-3501.  The Commission’s Engineering and Technical Services Office can be reached at 413-452-1300 to receive copies of existing water and sewer records for your project.

Step 1: Application

Complete the application form and submit to the Commission on-line at, along with the below electronic documents in PDF format only.

  • Property Deed
  • Owner Authorization Form *
  • House Number Issuance Form from the Springfield or Ludlow’s Building Dept
  • Site plan (electronic original from designer).  A site plan shall be developed by a Mass. Professional Engineer, showing all existing and proposed utilities.
  • Commission Approved Contractor (CAC)
  • Application Fee (a link will be provided once an account is set-up and documents are processed)

*Please note, only the property owner or an authorized representative may apply for water or sewer services. To authorize a representative, complete the Owner Authorization Form.  If the owner is the applicant, this form is not required.

Step 2: Review

After the Application fee is paid, the Engineering and Technical Services Department will review on a first come, first served basis.  Review times vary from several days to over a month depending on the complexity of the new service and the other applications under review. 

Step 3: Approval Process

Once the review is complete, the Commission will issue construction fees electronically.

After the fees are paid, the Commission will release electronically the construction memo to the applicant, owner and (CAC) that outlines the construction requirements.

More details about applying for new commercial or industrial water and/or sewer services and required information and documents for the application can be found here.

Water and/or Sewer Service Availability

For information on water and sewer main availability to serve a property, download, complete, and return the Water and/or Sewer Service Availability Form to the Engineering and Technical Services Office.