About Us
Mission & Service Area
In July 1996, the Springfield City Council voted to establish the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws 40N. The three-member Board of Commissioners is appointed by the Mayor of Springfield and approved by City Council with the responsibility of establishing the policies and procedures for efficient water and sewer operations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an uninterrupted, high-quality supply of water to our customers, to collect and treat wastewater, and return clean water to the environment. While fulfilling our mission we strive to:

  • Conserve and protect our reliable, high-quality water supply for present and future generations
  • Meet or surpass public health standards, environmental standards, and support fire protection
  • Operate, maintain, improve and manage our water and wastewater infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner
  • Manage finances to support Commission needs and maintain reasonable water and wastewater rates
  • Maintain a safe and professional workforce
  • Understand and respond to customers’ expectations for service

Drinking Water Service Areas

Map showing water service communities

The Commission serves a total population of about 250,000 throughout its service area. This includes approximately 43,500 retail drinking water service accounts and 550 fire service accounts in Springfield and Ludlow, and wholesale drinking water to the towns of Agawam, Longmeadow and East Longmeadow. In Westfield, Southwick, West Springfield, Chicopee and Wilbraham the Commission also provides partial, peak demand or emergency service.

Wastewater Treatment Service Area

Map showing communities served with Commission wastewater service

The Commission collects and treats wastewater from over 36,000 households in the City of Springfield. Wastewater from Agawam, West Springfield, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Wilbraham and Ludlow is treated at the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant at Bondi’s Island.