Hydrant Meter Rentals

Contractors that wish to use water from a hydrant for construction purposes must either rent or purchase a SWSC approved Hydrant Meter/RPZ (backflow preventer) assembly from the Commission.

Hydrant Regulations

The use of any Springfield Water Commission System public or non-master-metered private hydrant without prior approval from the Commission and without use of a hydrant meter rented from the Commission is unlawful and prohibited.  A minimum $1000 dollar fine policy is strictly enforced on a per incident per hydrant used without a SWSC approved Hydrant Meter/Backflow Prevention assembly and or required hydrant use permit basis. Only an approved Hydrant User, trained by the Commission, may operate the hydrant. Hydrant meter rentals require at least 48 hours notice. Please contact the Operations Center at 413-310-3501 with any questions.

Hydrant Rental Application

Information on how to complete an application and make the required payment in advance can be requested by email to When an application is completed and payment has been verified, a date is established to pick up the rental assembly at:

Springfield Water and Sewer Commission
Operations Center
71 Colton Street
Springfield, MA 01109

Payment of the application fee, deposit, and one-month rental ($850 for 5/8-inch; $2,150 for 3-inch) is required before the time of rental. Payment shall be made on line by credit card / debit card. Specific instructions on making payment are given upon completion of application.

If you have any questions regarding hydrant meter rentals, please contact Larry Griffin at 413-310-3501 ext. 224 or by e-mail at

Hydrant Meter Rental Charges

Less than 2”
Application Fee (non-refundable) $50
Deposit (refundable) $500
One Month Rental* $300
Consumption** $8.38 per 100 cubic feet (FY22 rate)

3-inch with 2-inch Fire House

Application Fee (non-refundable) $50
Deposit (refundable) $1,500
One Month Rental* $600
Consumption** $8.38 per 100 cubic feet (FY22 rate)
Hydrant Meter Assemblies

Hydrant Meter Assemblies are available for purchase. Contractors with long term or repeated work in Springfield and/or Ludlow may consider purchasing their own.

For more information please contact the Operations Center at 413-310-3501.


Hydrant Meter Sale

3-inch to 4-inch Hydrant Meter & Backflow Prevention Device $2000.00
Annual Inspection $150.00