Water/Sewer Main Extension

If your construction project requires the extension of the water and/or sewer main to service the property, the Main Extension Approval Process must be followed. It may take several months to complete a main extension approval. Site conditions and existing system capacities may impact approval of an individual project.

Main Extension Approval Process

  • All main extension projects require project designs to be completed by a licensed professional design engineer. Construction of the main extension must be performed by a Commission-Approved Contractor.
  • More information and step-by-step guide for the Water/Sewer Main Extension Approval Process can be found here.
  • Completed Water/Sewer Main Extension Applications should be submitted to the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission Operations Center, 71 Colton Street, Springfield, MA 01109, with applicable application fees.
  • Once approval has been completed and all fees are paid, construction may begin. All construction work must be inspected by Commission Inspectors.
  • A License Agreement is also required for approved projects. A Sample License Agreement is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Commission’s Engineering and Technical Services Office at 413-452-1300.