Apply for New Residential Water/Sewer Service

Please follow the process outlined below to apply for new residential water and/or sewer services . 

Step 1: Application

  • Obtain a site plan, mortgage survey, block plan, or internet map showing the parcel in question, the street and preferably one cross street. This site plan is required for the next steps in the application process.
  • Complete the New Service Application From and submit to the Commission, with any applicable application fees, at the Operations Center located at 71 Colton Street, Springfield, MA.

Please note, only the property owner or authorized representative may apply for water or sewer services. To authorize a representative complete the Owner Authorization Form. If the owner is the applicant, this form is not required.

Application Fees

Single Family Home

Water Service: $50

Sewer Service: $50

Both Water and Sewer Service: $100


Water Service: $75

Sewer Service: $75

Both Water and Sewer Service: $150

Step 2: Review

  • The Commission will review the New Service Application on a first come, first served basis. The review process takes approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the connection.

Step 3: Approval Process

  • Once the review is complete the Commission will issue a memo to the applicant that outlines the construction requirements and associated fees.
  • After receiving the memo the applicant will be able to pick up their approval package, which includes associated plans and records, from the Operations Center. The required fees must be paid to the Commission at this time.

Water and Sewer Service Availability

For information on water and sewer main availability to serve a property, download, complete, and return the Water and/or Sewer Service Availability Form.