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Employment Opportunities

Springfield Water and Sewer Commission occupations are diverse and offer fulfilling opportunities for career advancement. Career areas span accounting, administration, construction, customer service, engineering/project management, information systems/GIS, skilled labor, forestry/watershed management, laboratory services, and treatment plant operations.

Water careers in general provide meaningful opportunities in the service of public health and safety and environmental protection. The water workforce of the 21st century is charged with bringing creativity and innovation to the challenges of climate change, aging infrastructure, and emerging environmental and regulatory issues to maintain clean and safe water supplies. Drinking water operators are in particularly high demand throughout the state and nation.

Many employees at the Commission must hold and maintain professional degrees, licenses, certifications, training contact hours, and/or continuing education units in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations, state and federal laws, and Commission policies. There are also positions requiring only a high school diploma.

Current Available Positions

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Training Programs and Licensure

More information on training and licensing for careers in the water sector is available here.

Drinking Water Treatment Training Scholarships

Click here to learn more about scholarship opportunities for drinking water treatment training courses. Training courses are required to sit for state water operator licensing exams.