Clearwell and Backwash Pump Station Replacement Project

The clearwell and backwash pump station replacement project at West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant will replace aging infrastructure that is beyond its useful life. Funding for the $21.75 million dollar project will be aided by a subsidized low-interest loan through the state’s competitive Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) program. Through the DWSRF program the Commission will be able to finance $15 million of the total estimated project cost at the lower-than-market-rate of 2%.

The project involves constructing a new clear well at West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant. This will replace the existing clearwell, which was constructed in 1925. The proposed clearwell will be an underground concrete structure that will contain two cells with a total storage capacity of one million gallons.

Additionally, backwash pumps located at the water treatment plant will be replaced. The two existing backwash pumps are used to backwash (clean) the rapid sand filters. The pumps are obsolete, with no availability of replacement parts or service manufacturers.  The two backwash pumps and related systems will provide critical improvements, including increased horsepower, energy efficient motors and controls, and much needed redundancy. 

The project marks the first phase of construction of significant upgrades to West Parish Filters, which will modernize the drinking water treatment plant to ensure service reliability and regulatory compliance into the 21st century.

Backwash equipment at West Parish Filters.