Cobble Mountain Bypass and Diversion Gate Project

The first step in the Commission’s water treatment and delivery process is to convey raw water from Cobble Mountain Reservoir in Blandford/Granville to West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant in Westfield. As part of the Commission’s efforts to modernize West Parish Filters and ensure system redundancy and reliability, two important projects will provide redundant supplies of raw water to West Parish Filters from Cobble Mountain Reservoir.

The first project is a by-pass through the Cobble Mountain power plant to allow for water flow in the event the power plant is offline for any reason. The second project is an update to the Diversion Tunnel Gates, which were originally constructed in 1928. The update will provide anti-icing mechanisms that will allow for the use of the diversion gates in cold weather, which is currently not possible.

The design phase and construction phase of the project are scheduled to begin in FY21 with an allocated design budget of $255,000 and an estimated construction cost of $4.5 million for both projects.

Diversion Gates at Cobble Mountain Reservoir, originally constructed in 1928.