Collection System Asset Management Program

Since 2009, the Commission has performed cleaning and regular assessments of its wastewater collection system. As of 2019, the entire system of sewer pipe - over 500 miles! - has received a cleaning, and in 2020 crews started the second round.

The program not only cleans debris and prevents potential sewer system backups and combined sewer overflows, but also assesses the condition of the pipes in order to prioritize sewer pipe rehabilitation or replacement projects. The process also enables the collection of critical mapping data to incorporate into the Commission's GIS system. Approximately 300,000 linear feet of sewer is cleaned, mapped, and assessed each year.

Cleaning - A high pressure cleaning process, or "jetting," removes grit and debris within pipes and manholes. Regular cleaning ensures system reliability and performance, and meets the requirements of EPA's Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance Program (CMOM).

Mapping – GPS information for the pipes and manholes in the system are updated as the system is cleaned and assessed. A comprehensive GIS map of the sewer system enables more efficient operations, maintenance, and planning activities.

Assessing – Information on the condition of pipes and assets is gathered through Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections using robotic cameras, visual inspections, High Definition Television (HDTV), sonar, and laser profiling. This information is used to develop a prioritized list of pipes and assets that are in need of improvements.

Inspecting and cleaning manholes is a key element of the Collection System Asset Management Program.