Water/Sewer Main Extension

The following is a general description of the water/sewer main extension approval process by the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission (Commission). It may take several months to complete a main extension approval. Specific site conditions and existing system capacities may impact approval of an individual project.

Approval Process (required before main construction begins):

  1. Applicant must secure the service of a licensed professional design engineer to perform the design and a Commission-Approved Contractor to perform construction of the main extension.
  2. Applicant completes a Water/Sewer Main Extension Application at the Commission Operations Center, located at 71 Colton St., Springfield. A draft main extension plan should be submitted at the time of the application. Application fees for main extension are paid. Draft main extension plan is submitted.
  3. The main extension design plan is reviewed by the Commission. Design comments are sent to the design engineer to revise the plan. The plan is approved at the Commission’s discretion.
  4. Applicant enters into a License Agreement with Commission (click link for Sample License Agreement). The License Agreement is generated by the Commission and describes the project, Commission requirements, and bonding.
  5. Applicant secures bonding for the project in accordance with Commission requirements.
  6. Bonding is finalized and the original bonds are submitted to the Commission to hold until all project conditions are met and the warranty period is over.
  7. The License Agreement is executed.
  8. The Commission generates an approval memo for the project describing the project and the required fees to be paid by the Applicant.
  9. The Commission will contact the Applicant when the project approval is complete. The applicant may pick up the approval package and pay the required fees at the Commission Operation Center at 71 Colton St., Springfield.
  10. Once approval has been completed and all fees are paid, construction may begin. All construction work must be inspected by Commission Inspectors.

Click here for more detailed information about the water/sewer main extension process. If you have any questions, please contact the Commission’s Engineering and Technical Services Office at 413-452-1300.