Buying or Selling Property

When purchasing property, it is important that all water and sewer charges are finalized with the seller of the property. To ensure that the appropriate water and sewer charges are assessed, the buyer and seller must follow these important steps. If the property receives water or sewer service from the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, obtain a final reading from the water meter and contact your attorney prior to the real estate closing. This will ensure that the home seller pays all accrued debts. If this process is not completed, the new homeowner may inherit the water and sewer bill from the previous owner.

The attorney conducting the real estate closing should obtain a closing form, which must be faxed to the Commission. The Commission will calculate the outstanding water and sewer usage, miscellaneous sales, fees and charges. The attorney will provide the name and mailing address of the new owner so future bills may be properly addressed.

Click here to obtain a closing form, you can also obtain one by mail or fax, or by calling Customer Service at 413-452-1393.