How to Pay Your Bill

There are several options for paying your bill.

Please enclose a check or money order, with billing stub and account number on check.

Payments for Delinquent Accounts: If you have received a final notice and demand for water shutoff, DO NOT make your payment ONLINE or by MAIL. You MUST call us at 413-452-1393 to make your payment.

Note:  Commission employees never collect payment at a customer’s property. If someone approaches you for payment of water or sewer charges on your property, it may be a utility scam, and you should contact your local police department.

Disputing Your Bill

If for any reason you believe your bill is wrong, you may call or file a dispute by calling a Customer Service Representative at 413-452-1393. The process will begin with a Customer Service Representative of the Commission. The Customer Service Representative will make his/her best effort to resolve the dispute and will notify the Customer of any resolution. The resolution will be recorded by the Customer Service Representative in the customer’s account history. A Customer not satisfied with the initial resolution of the Customer Service Representative may appeal the resolution to the Appeals Officer of the Commission within ten (10) days of the date of the initial resolution.  Appeals must be submitted in writing to, or by mailing a letter to PO Box 995, Springfield MA 01101-2551. For more information on the appeals process, consult the Commission’s Billing, Termination and Appeal Regulations Section 4 “Disputes and Appeals” found in the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission Rules and Regulations located on this page.

Payment Arrangements

If you are unable to pay your bill within the 30 day billing cycle, please call customer service at 413-452-1393 to discuss payment arrangements. Once a property is posted for shut off due to non-payment, payment arrangements are no longer an option. It is important to call for payment arrangements before your bill is past due.

Delinquency Charges

Water and Sewer Bills are due 30 days from the billing date. The Billing Date is located in the top right corner and the bottom left corner of the bill. The Delinquent After date is located below the Billing Date in the top right corner and the bottom left corner of the bill as well, this indicates when late payment fees will begin to accrue. Late fees are assessed at a rate of 1% per month on the overdue balance. Just as a reminder, all payments made by mail will take three to five days for processing. Click to View a Sample Bill

Shut Off for Non-Payment

The Commission may shut off your water service due to non-payment of your account. If your account remains unpaid for 60 days after Statement Date and has a balance of $200 or more, you may find your property has been posted with a Final Notice and Demand. If you have received a final notice and demand for water shutoff, DO NOT make your payment ONLINE, or by MAIL. You MUST call us at 413-452-1393 to make your payment. If the account remains unpaid 15 days after the notice is posted, your water service may be shut off. In order to avoid water shut off, you must pay the entire amount due within 15 days.

Shut Off for Other Reasons

If for some reason you need to shut off your water service for repairs, extended absences and vacations or other reasons, please contact our service department at 413-310-3501. Please note that there is a $100 Turn-off fee and $75 Turn-on fee. See Chapter 5 of the Commissions Rules and Regulations for a full list of fees.