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Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic all school visits and tours of Commission facilities have been suspended until further notice.

Explaining watershed management to STCC students
Drinking Water Treatment

In this video clip from WGBY’s Connection Point viewers can explore the water treatment process at West Parish Filters Water Treatment Plant in Westfield. The past, present, and future of drinking water treatment is all visible at West Parish Filters, which was originally constructed in 1909 and received its last significant modernization in 1974. WGBY’s Brian Sullivan also was able to take a look at the new “pilot plant,” which is testing out new treatment processes to be constructed at the plant in the near future.

Video: Water Purification: Examining the Past, Present, and Future / Connecting Point

Bottled vs. Tap

Ever wonder how they make those plastic bottles anyway? Explore the impacts of bottled water on the environment and how those impacts compare to the environmental footprint of a public drinking water system, like the Commission’s.

This video was created by the Commission as part of an Earth Day 2020 Celebration.

Video: Bottled vs. Tap

Where Does Your Water Come From?

From droplet to drain the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission plays a critical role in daily life in the Lower Pioneer Valley, serving approximately 250,000 residents in the region. In this PowerPoint learn more about the source of Springfield’s water, Cobble Mountain Reservoir, the history of the water system – dating back to the 1800s, and the treatment and distribution process which provides clean, safe drinking water to homes and businesses in Springfield and surrounding communities.