Locust Transfer Structure Construction Project

In Summer 2022, the Commission will begin upgrades to water and sewer infrastructure on Locust and Mill Streets in the South End:

  • Water and sewer pipes will be upgraded in Locust Street between Main and Mill Streets to replace aging infrastructure.
  • A new debris-catching settling basin will be installed at the intersection of Locust, Mill, and Cherry Streets to prevent clogs and sewer backups into streets.
  • Trenchless rehabilitation of the Main Intercepting Sewer (MIS) between Locust and E. Columbus Ave. will upgrade a central but aging piece of the region's sewer system.
  • A new connection between the MIS and the new York Street Pump Station will be constructed to enable the "transfer" of wastewater to the pump station.
  • Coordination with other utility upgrades, such as gas and electric, in Locust Street.
  • Curb-to-curb paving following excavation.

The Locust Transfer Structure will provide more options to direct wastewater flow to the wastewater treatment plant located on Bondi’s Island. This project will also reduce combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges into the Connecticut River, in compliance with an EPA Administrative Order. The project is part of Phase 3 of the Commission's CSO abatement plan, which is a component of its 2014 Integrated Wastewater Plan (IWP).

In FY21 the Commission allocated $1.2 million for the design of the Locust Transfer Structure. Construction will cost an estimated $22 million.

Project Map of the Locust Street Transfer Structure Project