Apply for New Commercial or Industrial Water/Sewer Service

If you are interested in applying for new commercial or industrial water and/or sewer services, the following steps provide a general description of the process to receive approval for construction:

Step 1

The Owner of a Commercial or Industrial site shall hire a Professional Engineer (Designer) to develop a site plan showing all existing and proposed utility structures for the site.  The Designer may contact the Commission’s Engineering and Technical Services Office at 413-452-1300 to receive copies of existing water and sewer records in the vicinity of the site.

Step 2

The Owner, or an Authorized Representative*, may apply for water and sewer services at the Commission’s Operations Center at 71 Colton Street, Springfield MA. The application form can be completed at the Operations Center with the assistance of one of our Customer Service Representatives, or it can be printed out, completed in advance, and brought to the Operations Center for submission. Click here to print a copy of the application form.

It is recommended that commercial/industrial customers intending to apply for a new service contact a Customer Service Representative by phone prior to filling out the application to help facilitate the application process. Customer Service can be reached at 413-310-3501. The application and initial submittals will be forwarded to the Engineering and Technical Services department for review.

The application fees vary, depending on the size and type of water/sewer service being applied for, and are due when the application is submitted.

Based on the use of the site, additional submittals may be required, including:

• Water and sewer capacity requirements
• Industrial pretreatment sanitary survey
• Information on grease removal devices for Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control
• Information on Backflow Prevention Devices for domestic water services or fire suppression systems.


Authorized Representative – If someone other than the property owner is applying on behalf of the property owner’s, the application must be accompanied by an Owner Authorization Form. If the Owner is the applicant, this form is not required.

Step 3

The Commission will review the application on a first come, first served basis. Review times vary from several days to over a month depending on the complexity of the new service(s) and the number of other applications under review.

Step 4

Upon completion of our review, the Commission will issue a memo to the applicant that outlines the construction requirements and associated fees. The applicant will be contacted when this memo and associated plans and records have been prepared and may pick up the approval package at 71 Colton Street. The required fees must be paid to the Commission at this time.

For more detailed information on the application process, site plan requirements, a description of potential fees, and a list of frequently asked questions about new commercial/industrial water/sewer service applications, click here.


To get information on water and sewer main availability to serve a property, download and complete the Water and/or Sewer Service Availability form. This form, along with a site plan, should be submitted to the Commission at its administrative headquarters on Bondi’s Island, to the attention of Lisa Berman, Project Engineer.